• Prof. dr hab. Leszek Kaczmarek and dr hab. Ewelina Knapska  are  laureates of the International Research Agendas (MAB) competition run by Foundation for Polish Science. A grant, at the amount of PLN 39 mln, is assigned to create at the Nencki Institute, the Center of Excellence in Neural Plasticity and Disorders –  BRAINCITY  – an International Research Agenda. Our strategic partner in this program is  European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). 

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  • The National Science Centre has announced the ranking lists of projects approved for funding in  6th  edition of ETIUDA and 2nd edition of SONATINA calls.

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  • Between 11th and 12th June 2018, the Nencki Institute hosted an international conference, The Joint East and West Central Europe ISAE Regional Meeting „Animal preferences and animal welfare”, organised by the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE), the Institute of Genetics and the Animal Breeding PAS, the Polish  Ethological  Society and the Nencki Institute. The conference was attended by 43 participants from Poland (Bydgoszcz, Olsztyn, Rzeszów, Warszawa and its surroundings, and Wrocław) and other European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, France, Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland  and  Ukraine). 

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  • On 19-20 June 2018, the Nencki Institute hosted a two-day conference entitled „Polish Science Towards EMBL”. The conference was co-organized by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It gathered an audience of nearly 170 participants, 14 lecturers and a dozen distinguished guests from Poland and abroad.

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  • Dr Jędrzej Szymański has won an international competition for the position of head of the core facility Laboratory of Imaging Tissue Structure and Function at the Nencki Institute. This laboratory supports research using a range of advanced microscopic techniques, including confocal and two-photon microscopy, time-resolved imaging, super-resolved and correlation microscopy (CLEM).

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  • On the 1st August 2018, prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń, director of the Nencki Institute, and Joanna Miłachowska, Executive Board Member of Siemens Healthineers, have signed a Master Research Agreement. The alliance concerns the use of a magnetic resonance scanner for research projects being conducted in Laboratory of Brain Imaging, headed by dr hab. Artur Marchewka, prof. IBD. The confidentiality and collaboration rules set within the signed agreement, allow the Nencki Institute to use the technologies of Siemens Healthineers, which are not yet commercially available, for research and implementation projects.

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  • Dr  Anna Malik became the laureate of the HOMING program, financed by The Foundation for Polish Science. Dr Malik is working on New proteins important for glia's function: VPS10P-domain containing protein family as a new sorting recepetors in astrocytes and microglia.

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  • On July 19th, 2018, 25 participants of the scientific camp for talented youth, organized by the Adamed Group Foundation under the Adamed Smart UP program, visited the Nencki Institute. The visits at the labs were organized by the Marceli Nencki Foundation for Support the Biological Sciences. It was aimed at familiarizing young people with the research carried out at the Institute.

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