• On September 23th, together with Mazurian Landscape Park, SCIENCE FESTIVAL 2016 in the Hydrobiological Station in Mikolajki was organized. Station was  visited by 250 young people from high schools, middle schools and primary schools from the entire region (Mikolajki, Mragowo, Pisz, Baranowo, Woznice), for which the lectures and presentations have been prepared:

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  • On 26th-28th August 2016 the Nencki Institute Hydrobiological Station in Mikołajki hosted the International Workshop „Biological roots of prosociality and rescue behaviour”.

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  • 500th issue of The Nencki Weekly

    In September 2016 the 500th issue of The Nencki Weekly was published. Since January 3rd, 2005 the paper has provided information on current events at the Institute: seminars, prestigious grants, Scientific Council proceedings and new publications.

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  • From the 1st to 4th September, 2016 the Copernicus Science Centre hosted a “Festiwal Przemiany” The Nencki Institute and the Copernicus Science Center have signed a cooperation agreement whereby the Laboratory of Molecular Bases of Aging got tegether to organize a temporary  exhibition entitled “Temptation of Immortality”, which deals with various aspects of longevity and with scientific research devoted to the ageing process.

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