• HFSP Grant for prof. Grzegorz Wilczyński team

    The Laboratory of Molecular and Systemic Neuromorphology headed by Professor Grzegorz Wilczyński has been awarded a prestigious intercontinental HFSP grant (Human Frontiers Science Program). Within the project, the team of  Professor Wilczyński, and their colleagues from USA and Spain, will investigate the higher-order chromatin structure of neurons.

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  • During the session of the Scientific Council of February 24th, 2017, which presents the achievements of the Nencki Institute PAS in 2016, director prof. Adam Szewczyk honored dr hab. Ewelina Knapska, prof. Leszek Kuźnicki and prof. Lech Wojtczak, for special merits in aid of the development of the Institute, the Commemorative Medal for the 100th anniversary of the Nencki Institute.

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  • The session of the Scientific Council devoted to the 2016 Annual Report took place on February 24th, 2017. Prof. Andrzej Wrobel commenced the meeting by welcoming the guests.

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  • The National Science Centre has published ranking lists of projects which have qualified for financial backing within the limits of the competitions announced by the NSC on 16th June, 2016. Scientists from the Nencki Institute received financial backing for the 5 research projects they worked on in HARMONIA 8 and SONATA BIS 6 competitions.

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Nencki Institute selected publications

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