• The 4th PhD Conference at the Nencki Institute

    On October 2nd-3rd 2019, in the lecture hall of the CN, the 4th Conference of PhD students of the Nencki Institute took place. The conference was inaugurated by dr hab. Artur Marchewka, the organizer of the Conference. As in previous years, during the two-day conference, PhD students of the Institute presented the results of their research in the form of longer (15 min.) or shorter (5 min.) presentations and posters. The conference ended with a lecture by Professor John Mattick, from Green Templeton College in Oxford, entitled "The misunderstanding of molecular biology".

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  • On October 2nd 2019, at the Nencki Institute, the inauguration of the 2019/2020 academic year of the Warsaw School of Doctoral Sciences and Biomedical Sciences took place.

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  • On 17th September 2019, The Nencki Institute held the ceremoial opening of the first two Dioscuri Centres of Scientific Excellence in Poland, created under the auspices of the Max Planck Society, thanks to a joint initiative of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland, and Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

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  • We kindly invite you to participate in an open meeting with Dr. Tomasz Poprawka, an expert of the PolSCA Agency, who will introduce the future EU framework program Horizon Europe and will talk about the possibilities of getting involved in its co-creation and preparation for the upcoming competitions.

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