Reporting session of the Nencki Institute Scientific Council

The session of the Scientific Council devoted to the 2015 Annual Report took place on February 26th, 2016.

The honorary guests of the gathering were: prof. Jerzy Duszyński, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, prof. Stefan Malepszy, PAS Vice-President and Chair of the Council of Provosts of the Second Department for Biological and Agricultural Sciences PAS, Directors of the Institutes: prof. Barbara Zabłocka (IMDiK PAS), prof. Adam Liebert (IBiIB PAS), prof. Roman Puźniak (Institute of Physics PAS), and deans: prof. Zbigniew Stand (Faculty of Chemistry WU), prof. Ewa Bulska (Center for Science Biol-Chem UW), Dr. Thomas Janecki (Chief of the Hydrobiological Station in Mikolajki).

The scientific plans for research to obtaining NSC grant SONATA Bis were presented by Dr. Adriana Magalska, Dr. Ksenia Meyza and Dr. Bogusz Kulawiak.

A comprehensive report on the Nencki Institute and Hydrobiological Station in Mikolajki activities in 2015 was presented by director, Prof. Adam Szewczyk.