Neurobiology Center

Laboratory of Animal Models
Head: Witold Konopka


Laboratory of Bioinformatics
Head: Michał Dąbrowski

Laboratory of Brain Imaging
Head: Artur Marchewka

Laboratory of Cytometry
Head: Katarzyna Piwocka


Laboratory of Electron Microscopy
Head: Hanna Nieznańska

Laboratory of Imaging Tissue Structure and Function
Head: Jędrzej Szymański


Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology
Head: Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek

Laboratory of Preclinical Testing of Higher Standard
Head: Urszula Wojda



As a group of core facility laboratories, the Neurobiology Centre of the Nencki Institute (CN) grants outside users access to a number of research services and equipment required to conduct advanced research in the areas of broadly understood neurobiology, molecular biology, biological imaging, transgenesis and preclinical research. The CN research service offer is directed towards scientific institutes and the innovative industry. The rules governing the use of CN research services are set out in the attached regulations, and the list of services and costs are set out in the attached price list.


An Introduction to the Neurobiology Centre


The Neurobiology Centre of the Nencki Institute is a part of the  key project entitled "Centre for Preclinical Research and Technology" (CePT). Based on a bilateral agreement with the CePT coordinator, the Medical University of Warsaw, the Nencki Institute is one of the main beneficiaries of the CePT project. The overall value of the CN investment is estimated to be 52 million Polish zlotys. The CN, a cohesive group of core facility laboratories, is nevertheless an integral portion of the research infrastructure of the Nencki Institute. The CN introduces innovative solutions into the structure of the Nencki Institute and is also a facility for commercial research.

The aim of the Neurobiology Centre of the Nencki Institute is to conduct broadly understood research and development in the area of Neurobiology and nervous system diseases, the goal of which is to introduce novel diagnostic methods and therapies onto the market. The functional model of the CN as an open, international research centre is based on the world-renowned European Molecular Biology Laboratory, the EMBL. The motive force and basal source of funding for the Centre will consist of the scientific activities of leading international research teams in Neurobiology, with documented achievements and the highest growth potential. This also includes collaboration with advanced commercial entities, thereby making novel therapies and diagnostics widely available. The CN R&D efforts support the current research objectives of the Institute, but first and foremost concentrate on actively supporting interdisciplinary research programs in national and international scientific consortia and collaboration with industry.