The purpose of the Doctoral Student Government at Nencki Institute is to represent interests of doctoral students both internally and outside the Institute. We protect the rights of doctoral students and we fight for new rights which in our opinion should be granted. We also support integration of doctoral students by joining popular science initiatives, cultural or sports events. 

Cooperation with other bodies of the Institute

Delegates of the Board participate in meetings of the Institute’s Committee and the Scientific Board. This helps us learn about current affairs of the Institute and allows for better cooperation with the Director. We serve as intermediaries between doctoral students and the Director in matters regarding our functioning at the Institute. We also wish to popularize knowledge on rights and obligations of doctoral students among our superiors and doctoral students themselves.

Representation of doctoral students of Nencki Institute outside the Institute

We participate in conferences and the annual Meeting of Doctoral Students, discussing issues regarding the status of a doctoral student, as well as further career possibilities. We wish to integrate the circle of doctoral students at the Polish Academy of Sciences – we have organized the first election for representative of doctoral students of the Polish Academy of Sciences at the National Representation of Doctoral Students.


Popular science initiatives

We eagerly join initiatives aimed at popularization of science and spreading knowledge on scientific work, such as the Researcher’s Night organized within the framework of the Science Festival. Such events also serve integration of doctoral students and can be an interesting addition to life at the Institute.

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