Laboratory of Biochemistry of Lipids

Head: Sławomir PIKUŁA

Staff: Łukasz Bożycki (PhD student), Anna Ćmoch (PhD student), Le Duy Do (PhD student), Krzysztof J. Skowronek, Agnieszka Strzelecka-Kiliszek

Research profile:

• calcium homeostasis with an emphasis on calcium- and lipid-binding proteins, including mammalian and plant annexins
• early stages of biomineralization with a focus on biogenesis and the function of matrix vesicles
• membrane dynamics and membrane repair process
• vesicular transport with a focus on intracellular transport of cholesterol in norm and pathology
• molecular machinery involved in catecholamine secretion
• lipid metabolism in health and disease calcium with a focus on signal transduction; transport of ions, metabolites and xenobiotics through biological membranes
• ion channels formed by calcium- and membrane-binding proteins with a focus on nucleotides as intracellular messengers and their target proteins
• annexin-related human diseases, annexinopathies


• cell culture
• FACScan
• siRNA
• planar lipid bilayers
• microscopy (Brewster angle, immunofluorescence, confocal, electron)
• site directed mutagenesis
• fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy
• steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy

Current research activities:

• structure-function relationship within the mammalian family of membrane- and calcium-binding proteins, annexins
• interactions of nucleotides with annexins; effects on intra- cellular calcium homeostasis, signal transduction and vesicular transport
• ion channel properties of annexins
• participation of annexins in transport of cholesterol and secretion of catecholamines
• factors affecting annexins, alkaline phosphatase, and S100 protein functioning during matrix vesicles-mediated biological mineralization

Selected publications:

Sztolsztener M.E., Dobrzyń A., Pikuła S., Tylki-Szymańska A., Bandorowicz-Pikuła J. (2012) Impaired dynamics of late endo- some/lysosome compartment in human Niemann-Pick type C skin fibroblasts carrying mutation in NPC1 gene. Molecular BioSystems, 8: 1197-1205.

Domoń M., Nasir M.N., Matar G., Pikuła S., Besson F., Bandorowicz-Pikuła J. (2012) Annexins as organizers of cholesterol- and sphingomyelin-enriched membrane microdomains in Niemann-Pick type C disease. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 69: 1773-1785.

Do L.D., Buchet R., Pikuła S., Abousalham A., Mebarek S. (2012) Direct determination of phospholipase D activity by infrared spectroscopy. Analytical Biochemistry, 430: 32-38.

Ćmoch A., Strzelecka-Kiliszek A., Palczewska M., Groves P., Pikuła S. (2011) Matrix vesicles isolated from mineralization- competent Saos-2 cells are selectively enriched with annexins and S100 proteins. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 412: 683-687.

Thouverey C., Malinowska A., Balcerzak M., Strzelecka-Kiliszek A., Buchet R., Dadlez M., Pikuła S. (2011) Proteomic charac terization of biogenesis and functions of matrix vesicles released from mineralizing human osteoblast-like cells. Journal of Proteomics, 74: 1123-1134