Laboratory of Limbic System

Head: Stefan KASICKI

Staff: Paweł Boguszewski, Sailaja A. Goda (PhD student), Mark J. Hunt, Maciej Olszewski, Joanna Piasecka

Research profile:

Our research is focused on: (1) neurobiological corre- lates of emotional and social behavior in the context of temperamental traits and age (electrophysiological and immunocytochemical techniques together with advanced behavioral methods are used), and (2) neurophysiological and neurochemical mechanisms in pharmacological models of schizophrenia investigated using a variety of techniques (electrophysiology and behavior) in freely moving rats. We study the fundamental brain regions which have been impli- cated in these phenomena, such as the nucleus accumbens, prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and amygdala, primarily by analyzing their electrophysiological activity


• behavioral
• pharmacological
• electrophysiological
• immunocytochemical techniques
• typically we use several techniques simultaneously in one experiment.

Current research activities:

• behavioral and immunocytochemical studies on temperamental determinants of social behavior in psychogenetically selected RH and RL-Avoidance rats (a model of differentiated emotional reactivity and novelty seeking)
• behavioral and immunocytochemical studies on the pattern of neuronal activation in response to novel stimuli of different aversiveness levels in young and old rats
• electrophysiological, pharmacological and behavioral studies using the NMDA receptor antagonist model of schizophrenia in awake rats. Electrophysiological activity is recorded mostly from limbic structures. More about electrophysiological data

Selected publications:

Meyza K.Z., Boguszewski P., Nikolajev E., Zagrodzka J. (2011) Age increases anxiety and reactivity of the fear/anxiety circuit in Lewis rats. Behavioral Brain Research, 225: 192-200.

Hunt M.J., Falińska M., Łęski S., Wójcik D.K., Kasicki S. (2011) Differential effects produced by ketamine on oscillatory activity recorded in the rat hippocampus, dorsal striatum and nucleus accumbens. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 25: 808-821.

Hunt M.J., Falińska M., Kasicki S. (2010) Local injection of MK801 modifies oscillatory activity in the nucleus accumbens in awake rats. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 24: 931-941.

Hunt M.J., Matulewicz P., Gottesmann C., Kasicki S. (2009) State-dependent changes in high-frequency oscillations recorded in the rat nucleus accumbens. Neuroscience, 164: 380-386.

Meyza K.Z., Boguszewski P.M., Nikolaev E., Zagrodzka J. (2009) Diverse sensitivity of RHA/verh and RLA/verh rats to emotional and spatial aspects of novel environment as a result of a distinct pattern of neuronal activation in the fear/anxiety circuit. Behavior Genetics, 39: 48-61