Laboratory of Neurobiology of Vision

Head: Wioletta Waleszczyk


Staff: Piotr Dzwiniel (PhD student); Katarzyna Kordecka (PhD student), Jan Popiołkiewicz (PhD student), Ida Raciborska (PhD student), Paulina Urban


Research profile:


Our activity focuses on both basic and translational visual research. Basic studies focus on information processing and plasticity in the visual system. Coding of the visual information, parallel processing in the visual system, function of the extrageniculate visual pathway, are of particular interest. Plasticity following damage of the visual pathway as well as induced by visual and electrical stimulation are investigated. Translational studies concern rehabilitation of visual dysfunctions with a use of various methods: visual stimulation, noninvasive current stimulation, gene therapy.




  • single-, multi-unit and LFP/EP recordings from subcortical and cortical visual structures in animals; EEG/EP recordings in human;
  • noninvasive current stimulation;
  • gene therapy;
  • visual training;
  • behavioral training;
  • neuroinformatic analysis of electrophysiological signals, spike train analysis and modeling.


Current research activities:


  • the role of the extrageniculate visual pathway (response properties of visual neurons, spontaneous and visually evoked oscillatory activity, information coding, brain state-dependent modulation of neuronal activity);
  • methods of rehabilitation of visual dysfunctions: visual training, noninvasive current stimulation;
  • mechanisms of plasticity in the visual system following damage (retinal lesion, stroke, neurodegeneration).


Selected publications:


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