Laboratory of Visual System

Head: Andrzej WRÓBEL

Staff: Marek Bekisz, Zuzanna Borzymowska (PhD student), Jan Kamiński, Ewa Kublik, Syune Nersisyan (PhD student), Małgorzata Szypulska, Anna Maria Wieczorek (PhD student)

Research profile:

Current research in the laboratory focuses on understanding dynamic operations within sensory systems of behaving animals. Using electrophysiological recording techniques and neuroinformatic methods for data analysis we try to correlate the activation of specific neuronal networks with its behavioral context.

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• in vitro intracellular recordings
• local field recordings from behaving animals
EEG correlates of cognitive processes in humans
• computational analysis of electrophysiological signals

Current research activities:

• electrophysiological correlates of visual attention in cats – temporal analysis (frequency, phase and amplitude’s envelope) of local field potentials registered from different parts of cat’s thalamo-cortical system during behavioral task based on intermingled trials of delayed spatial discrimination of visual or auditory stimuli
• information processing in the cortico-thalamic part of the rat’s somatosensory system – the role of primary and secondary somatosensory pathways in different behavioral situations; in vitro electrophysiological investigations of synaptic properties and cellular connections within the cortico-thalamic loop of rodent’s somatosensory system

Selected publications:

Kamiński J., Brzezicka A., Gola M., Wróbel A. (2012) Beta band oscillations engagement in human alertness process. Interna- tional Journal of Psychophysiology, 85: 125-128.

Sobolewski A., Świejkowski D.A., Wróbel A., Kublik E. (2011) The 5-12Hz oscillations in the barrel cortex of awake rats – Sustained attention during behavioral idling? Clinical Neurophysiology, 122: 483-489.

Kamiński J., Brzezicka A., Wróbel A. (2011) Short-term memory capacity (7 ± 2) predicted by theta to gamma cycle length ratio. Learning and Memory, 95: 19-23.

Lindström S., Wróbel A. (2011) Feedforward and recurrent inhibitory receptive fields of principal cells in the cat’s dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus. Pflügers Archiv, 461: 277-294.

Kamiński J., Kublik E., Wróbel A. (2011) Gap junction blockade eliminates supralinear summation of fast (>200 Hz) oscillatory components during sensory integration in the rat barrel cortex. Brain Research Bulletin, 85: 424-428