Office of International Relations and Project Management

Head: Anna Sadlik-Paskalec


The Office of International Relations and Project Management (OIRPM) plays an important role in the Institute’s operations and scientific development. Among its many functions:

OIRPM facilitates all formal and organizational aspects of international relations, including organization of international conferences and workshops, supporting scientific exchange programmes, managing organizational, legal, and financial aspects of hosting foreign visitors at the Institute as well as aiding Institute employees in their missions abroad.
OIRPM assists Institute scientists in development and preparation of proposals for external funding from national and international sources, monitors the financial and administrative aspects of submitted proposals and all on-going projects. It also informs the scientists about the existing funding opportunities within the EU Framework Programmes (FP) and other international initiatives as well as European Funds at the national and regional level.
OIRPM employees act in the capacity of project managers for large and complex projects financed from the European Funds and the Framework Programmes, such as the multi-partner consortia in Innovative Economy Operational Programme (2007-2013) or FP7. The office acts as a liaison with the European Commission (Marta Rucińska is the designated LEAR for FP7) and with the coordinators and funding agencies for large scale investment and R&D projects.

Since 2009 OIRPM has been responsible for stimulating innovation and overseeing technology transfer at the Institute. OIRPM developed and launched the Nencki Institute Innovation Platform (NIIP) that supports intellectual property (IP) protection and management. OIRPM supports and oversees preparation and submission of invention disclosures and the patenting process as well as initiates the technology transfer process. OIRPM employees act as first contact points for the Institute scientists and their industry partners. OIRPM activities stimulating innovation and technology transfer are realised in close collaboration with BTM Mazowsze Ltd, a bio-tech-med cluster management company providing professional support for scientific entities in the transfer of technologies from science to industry and commercialisa- tion of research results.

OIRPM specialists contribute to the promotion of the Institute and dissemination of knowledge by publishing and editing the contents of the Nencki Institute Web Site, the bi-annual NenckiNewsletter and by facilitating media relations. OIRPM staff also actively participate in recruitment, counselling and career advancement of international students, post doctoral fellows and international scientists.

OIRPM prepares annual reports for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and a report on the Institute’s international cooperation for the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The office Head reports to the Deputy Director for Scientific Research and/or directly to the Institute Director.