Dissertation procedure

The procedure of review and acceptance of a proposed doctoral thesis is determined by the Rules of the Scientific Board of Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

A condition for commencement of the procedure is having a scientific publication, published or accepted for printing, in form of a book, or at least one scientific publication in a reviewed scientific magazine of at least national circulation, or in a reviewed report on an international scientific conference. Before commencement of the procedure, the doctoral student is required to hold a seminar at his or her faculty.


The procedure of review and acceptance of the proposed doctoral thesis is commenced upon application of the doctoral student, submitted to the Director of the Institute.


1. To the application for review and acceptance of a doctoral thesis attached must be a scientific CV together with a list of publications, an opinion of the scientific advisor, and a copy of the diploma of completion of master studies or equivalent.

2. Together with the application for review and acceptance of a doctoral thesis, the doctoral student can present a certificate confirming his or her knowledge of a modern foreign language (list of certificates in Annex, 1 Journal of Laws of 2011, no. 204, item 13200), which exempts him or her from taking an foreign language exam.


The doctoral student can also submit an application for acceptance of presentation of the doctoral thesis in a language other than Polish.


All documents must be submitted to the Secretarial Office of the Scientific Board, room 119, not later than three weeks before the next meeting of the Scientific Board. The final deadline for submission of documents is announced in advance by the secretary of the Scientific Board before every meeting of the Board.

At the meeting of the Scientific Board, the doctoral student in a 5-minute presentation describes results achieved so far, the aim of the thesis and research plans.

Doctoral exams in a modern foreign language, philosophy and a basic discipline (biology or biochemistry) are taken after commencement of the procedure of review and acceptance of the doctoral thesis, before submission of the thesis and appointment of reviewers. The exam in a basic discipline can be taken after passing the other exams.


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