PhD Diploma at Nencki Institute


The main objective of doctoral studies is preparation for scientific work in academic circles. PhD diploma is the first step in scientific career. More and more often, one can also find attractive research and development work in industrial laboratories, where the knowledge and hard skills acquired during doctoral studies are much valued. Even more important, however, are soft skills developed during doctoral studies: precise oral and written communication, contact network in academic and industrial circles, time management.


Before you decide to enroll for doctoral studies, consider whether several years of studies will improve your chances on the labor market and bring YOU closer to your goals. PhD diploma is for people who know what they want from life: ambitious, hard-working, eager to take on long-term challenges.


If you are ready for the challenge of doctoral studies and you are interested in life sciences, Nencki Institute is the best choice. We are the leading biological institute in Poland and well-known in the world. Our employees are excellent scientists with long-term experience as thesis advisors, who conduct interesting research programs and deal with challenges faced by our society, on the level of both primary and applied research. Results of our work are published in renowned international magazines. We have excellently equipped laboratories. Doctoral students at the Institute come from all over the world, so you will have the chance to work in an international environment. Trips to conferences and internships abroad will provide valuable experiences.


We welcome you to join us!

Prof. dr hab. Daniel K. Wójcik
Head of the PhD Studies

Prof. Daniel K. Wójcik
tel: +48 22 5892348


PhD Studies Office
mgr Katarzyna Gardocka
tel: +48 22 5892215

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