Popularization of Science

For many years the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology has been involved in various public events aiming at popularization of science, such as the Science Festival and the Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre. Both of these events have greatly contributed to the general public’s appreciation of science and scientists. In 1998 the Polish Foundation for Science Advancement (PFUN) and the Society for Science Promotion and Knowledge Dissemination have awarded the organizers of the Science Picnic and the Science Festival with a joint Professor Hugon Steinhaus Prize for holding outstanding science promoting events.
The staff of the Nencki Institute has been involved in organization of workshops for teachers with Centre for Innovative Bioscience Education and seminars for the Polish Children’s Fund recipients. Meetings with smaller groups of students have been arranged for those interested in research activity of individual scientific teams.

dr Anna Wasik, The Coordinator.

Centre for Innovative Bioscience Education ...

The main goal of BioCEN is to educate the public and to popularize biology in Poland. Many presentations and workshops, lectures, seminars, are organized for secondary school students, their teachers and any other interested groups. It aims to improve the society’s understanding of biology and its role. For many years the Nencki Institute has been organizing one-day workshops for teachers from all over Poland. Workshop participants had an opportunity to learn about recent developments in biology, discuss various issues in the area of psychology or medicine and meet the authors of biology textbooks In 2006 the Science Festival School was awarded by the Polish Press Agency and The Ministry of Science and Higher Education the title of the 2006 Science Popularizer. It was also rewarded for its dissemination activities in 2004-2006 by the Polish Society of Genetics. In 2010 the Polish Ministry of National Education recognized the BioCEN as the “Talent Discovery Zone”. Nencki is proud to be a part of such valuable undertaking.
More http://www.biocen.edu.pl/