Conditions and method of admission to doctoral studies 2018/2019


1. A person who has qualifications obtained during the second cycle degree studies, or is a beneficiary of the “Diamond Grant” programme, may be accepted to participate in doctoral studies.

2. Enrolment for doctoral studies is conducted through competitive examinations, subject to Art. 43 of the Act on Higher Education from 27 July 2005 (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 572, as amended).

3. The Director of the Institute appoints the Recruitment Commission.

4. The Recruitment Commission consists of: the Director of the Institute, a member of the Scientific Board, the Head of Doctoral Studies acting as the Chairperson, and a potential research supervisor of the candidate. Other people in an advisory capacity invited by the Recruitment Commission may be present during the interview.

5. At the request of the Director of the Institute, the Recruitment Commission shall conduct the recruitment.

6. The announcement on recruitment shall be published on the Institute’s websites and at the Institute for the period of time not shorter than 21 days.

7. The recruitment consists of three stages:

7.1. At the first stage of recruitment, candidates submit required documents on-line and specify research projects they are interested in from the list. Candidates have the right to choose one, two or three projects, by selecting the choice number one, two and three before midnight of the day specified in the announcement concerning the recruitment. The following documents shall be sent electronically (on-line):

  • application, a scan of the application is to be sent on-line. The application must contain the following statements from the candidate:

a statement expressing their consent to process their personal data by the Institute within the meaning of the Act on Personal Data Protection from 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182, as amended – consolidated text) for the needs of enrolment for doctoral studies,

a statement on reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions of Doctoral Studies from 13 April 2018,

a statement expressing their consent to receive documents relating to the recruitment process from the Institute by means of electronic data transmission within the meaning of Art. 2 item 5 of the Act on Provision of Services by Electronic Means from 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1219) and specifying an e-mail address for the Institute.

  • a copy of diploma confirming qualifications obtained during the second cycle degree studies, or a certificate confirming that such qualifications were obtained. The candidate who takes part in competitive examinations before the date of official ending of studies, and is admitted to the doctoral studies, shall be obliged to submit all the documents before the date of beginning of doctoral studies. A diploma supplement shall be attached to the copy of diploma. The beneficiary of the “Diamond Grant” programme shall present a certificate of participation in the programme.
  • scientific CV (curriculum vitae) with the course of current education, including a short description of current academic achievements and the list of publications.

A researcher holding, at least, the degree of doktor (PhD) who knows the activity of the candidate (e.g. MA thesis supervisor), is kindly requested to send an opinion on the candidate to the address:

When sending writings in form of an electronic document, the Recruitment Commission shall apply in particular Art. 46 sections 4, 5 and 8, Art. 54 § 1 item 4 of the Code of Administrative Procedure.

7.2. At the second stage of recruitment, the Recruitment Commission assesses candidates, taking into account the following criteria:

1. Assessment of MA studies (0-15 points), expressed in the grade point average.

2. Previous research activity (participation in scientific conferences, publications (0 -20 points).

3. Opinion of an independent researcher who knows the activity of the candidate (e.g. MA thesis supervisor) (0 – 20 points).

4. Application (0 – 10 points).

5. Research practice at the research institute (0 – 30 points).

6. Opinion of a potential research supervisor – head of the project (0-35 points).

7. Participation in the „Diamond Grant” programme (20 points).

7.3. At the third stage of recruitment, people who are assessed the best by the Commission, shall be invited for the interview.

8. The Recruitment Commission shall conduct interviews with candidates in order to assess their predispositions to the research career. The interview is conducted in the English language.

9. The Recruitment Commission decides whether to accept the candidate for doctoral studies by means of open voting by normal majority of votes

10. The results of the recruitment process are open and shall be revealed on the Institute’s website and published in the Institute for 30 days and sent by e-mail to the candidate.

11. Candidates may appeal against the decisions of the Recruitment Commission, submitted to the Director of the Institute. The appeal shall be submitted within 14 days from the date of receiving the decision. The basis for appeal may only be the indication of breaches of conditions and method of recruitment for doctoral studies referred to in Art. 196 section 2 of the Act on Higher Education from 27 July 2005 (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2183, 2201 and of 2018, item 138, 398). Decision of the Institute’s Director is final.




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