Conditions and mode of admission to PhD Studies 2016/2017


1. A person who has the second degree qualifications or is a beneficiary of the “Diamond Grant” program may be admitted to the PhD Studies.

2. The recruitment for PhD studies is carried out by way of competition.

3. The Institute Director appoints the Recruitment Committee.

4. The Recruitment Committee consists of: the Institute Director, a representative of the Scientific Council, the Head of PhD Studies as the Chairman, heads of departments and the potential tutor of the candidate. Also other persons invited by the Recruitment Committee may be present at the interview, as advisory body.

5. The Recruitment Committee carries out the recruitment upon the request of the Institute Director.

6. The announcement on the recruitment is published at the websites of the Institute and in the Institute headquarters for a period not shorter than 21 days.

7. The recruitment is performed in three stages:

7.1. In the first stage the candidates submit the required documents (on-line), selecting the research projects which they are interested in from the list provided. The candidates may sign up for one, two or three projects, indicating the first, second and third choice by 12 p. m. on the day specified in the recruitment announcement.

The following documents must be sent (on-line):
• application, the scan of the application must be sent online; the application must include the following declarations made by the candidate:
a) on the consent to processing personal data by the Institute as defined in the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 2014, item 1182 as amended –consolidated text) for the purposes of the recruitment for PhD studies,
b) on having read and accepted the Rules and Regulations of PhD Studies of 1 December 2017,
c) on the consent to the Institute’s delivering letters in the recruitment for PhD studies process to the candidate by means of electronic communication, as defined in Article 2 item 5 of the Act on providing services electronically of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2013 item 1422) together with the specification of the e-mail address for the Institute.

covering letter

 short copy of the diploma certifying the obtaining of the second degree qualifications or a certificate of obtaining thereof. A candidate who participates in the competition before the official date of graduating and they are admitted to PhD Studies is obliged to deliver the missing documents before the starting date of PhD studies. The short copy of the diploma must be supplemented with the diploma supplement. A beneficiary of the “Diamond Grant” program presents the certificate of participation in the program.

• Curriculum Vitae containing the education hitherto together with a short description of academic achievements and a list of publications.

A researcher having at least the PhD degree (Pol. “doktor”) and who is familiar with the academic activity of the candidate (e. g. supervisor of the M.A. dissertation) is requested to send their opinion about the candidate at In delivering the letters in the form of an electronic document, the Recruitment Committee applies, in particular, Article 46 Sections 4, 5 and 8; Article 54 Section 1 item 4 of the Code of Administrative Procedure


           the candidates for NCN - Nencki PhD program should prepare application for scholarship in the form.


Selection criteria for Bio4Med project you can find on the website: Candidates for this project must attach the Declaration about Mobility Rule.


7.2. In the second stage, the Recruitment Committee assesses the candidates, considering the following criteria:

1. Assessment of the graduate studies (0-15 points), defined based on the GPA achieved during the studies.
2. The academic activity carried out to date (participation in academic conferences, publications) (0-20 points).
3. The opinion of an independent academic who is familiar with the academic activity of the candidate (e. g. Supervisor of M.A. dissertation) (0-20 points).
4. Covering letter (together with covering letter) (0-10 points).
5. Academic practice in a research institute (0-30 points).
6. Opinion of a potential tutor – project supervisor (0-35).
7. Participation in “Diamond Grant” program (20 points).

7.3.  In the third stage, the persons who were best rated by the Committee are invited for an interview.


8. The Recruitment Committee interviews the candidates in order to assess the candidate’s predisposition for academic work. The interview is conducted in English.


9. The Recruitment Committee decides about the admission to PhD studies in an open ballot with the ordinary majority of votes.

10. The results of the recruitment proceedings are open and will be published on the Institute website as well as hanged out in the Institute headquarters for 30 days as well as sent by e-mail to the candidate.


11. The candidate has the right to file an appeal against the decision of the Recruitment Committee to the Institute Director within 14 days of the day of the decision receipt. Only the indication of a breach of the conditions and manner of the recruitment for PhD studies as referred to in Article 196 Section 2 of the Higher Education Act of 27 July 2005 (Journal of Laws 2005 No 164 item 1365 as amended) may be the ground of the appeal. The decision of the Institute Director is final.

Prof. dr hab. Daniel K. Wójcik
Head of the PhD Studies

Prof. Daniel K. Wójcik


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