The Animal House

Head: Anna ZAJFERT

Staff: Katarzyna Błaszczak, Małgorzata Cira, Wioletta Góral, Teresa Just, Małgorzata Kielak, Marta Nowak, Hanna Śliwa, Wojciech Wiśniewski, Tomasz Włodarczyk

The Animal House is divided into separate areas for breeding and experimental purposes.

The breeding house has been in operation since 2000 – an independent building technically prepared for maintaining animals (air conditioning system, double-door autoclave, automatic washing machines for bottles, barrier system for personnel entrance). Breeding of experimental rats (outbred stock Long Evans Rat SimTac:LE), mice (outbred stock Crl:NMRI, inbred strains C57Bl6/J and C57Bl10/J), the Gray Short-Tailed Opossums (Monodelphis domestica) and cats is also performed in the Animal House. The majority of our breeding colony is from several different transgenic strains. The breeding pairs were obtained from internationally renowned breeding centres: Harlan Netherlands B.V.; Harlan UK C; Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, Department of Genetics, San Antonio The Jackson Laboratory and Taconic USA.

Our animals periodically undergo pathological, parasitological, bacteriological and virusological control. Bacteriological and viral controls are done in cooperation with the Institute of Oncology, the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Agriculture Academy in Warsaw, IDEXX Laboratories and QM Diagnostics in the Netherlands.

The Animal House provides animals for experiments (selected according to age, sex, weight, and phase of the cycle) at the laboratories of the Nencki Institute. The team provide comprehensive animal care following neurosurgical treatment. Rearing of cats used in experiments on plasticity of the nervous system is also done by our experienced staff.

The approval of the First Ethical Commission in Warsaw that supervises animal experiments at our Institute is required for all planned experiments.